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  • One of the joys of travel to Italy is staying in charming boutique style hotels. "Location, location, location,..."

  • As a rule, Italians aren’t fans of air conditioning!  Many establishments don’t turn ON their units until mid-May and turn OFF the central system by early or mid-October.  


  • Many hotels occupy buildings from prior centuries and may not to have reliable in-room air conditioning or controls.


  • Italian elevators can be tiny.  Do not pile on!


  • Nearly every hotel has wall-mount hair dryers for guests.


  • Use your hotel safe for passports and extra cash, and keep photocopies of your passports on your person.


  • Tip at your own discretion. We generally suggest:

    • 7€/hour for guides and drivers. 

    • 2-3€/bag for porters. 

    • 5-7€/person per day to the staff & housekeeping. (Leave the cash tip directly with a reception at checkout.)

    • For taxi drivers, round up!