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  • There is no best time to book a flight. But normally 3-6 months in advance is about right.

  • Your US passport MUST be valid 180 days beyond your return date. 

  • We highly recommend Global Entry (GOES): you’ll speed thru TSA security and skip the lines at passport control when re-entering the US!

  • Be sure to enter your Airline FFB and GOES numbers in advance!

  • Premium Economy/Comfort Class is a nice way to travel!  Business Class is best (if expensive)!  Sometimes business class seats can be accessed using FFB points.

  • Budget at least 90-120 minutes between connecting flights! (More at Newark!)

  • We recommend budgeting 2.5-3 hours to check in for international flights, and less for internal or         intra-European flights.

  • On a code-share agreement (when 2 or more airlines carry the same flight), it is best to book “same metal” flights, i.e. stick with the “operating carrier” as far as possible.

  • Boarding Passes are NOT always available 24 hours prior to an international flight.

  • 1 checked bag is free in coach on your transatlantic leg.  Intra-European flights often charge for luggage, with size and weight restrictions posted (in kilos!) on airline websites.

  • Set your watch to the destination time BEFORE leaving!  It’ll help you acclimatize to the new time zone

  • Travelers must go through US Immigration & Customs at the first entry point (US gateway). Check the Department of Agriculture’s website for restrictions on importing that leg of prosciutto!

  • Always travel with Trip Insurance to cover a) trip cancellation, b) trip interruption, c) medical coverage and d) medevac.  How much/when to purchase insurance depends on personal risk factors—please ask us!

  • Stay hydrated, stretch occasionally and sleep as much as you can on those long flights.