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  • Be sure you know when and where a car is necessary.  Don’t need it, don’t rent it!


  • An International Driving Permit, or IDP, is mandatory when renting a car and issued through AAA.


  • Most cars use diesel fuel and are the stick shift. Great gas mileage!


  • In-town parking:  Big cities are NOT car-friendly and smaller towns tend to offer municipal “pay & display” lots on the outskirts of town.


  • Small town car rental agencies usually close on Saturdays around 1 PM and reopen Monday morning. Plan accordingly!


  • On the Autostrada: Keep right except to pass! Passing on the right is a big no-no!


  • Avoid the TELEPASS and credit card toll lanes on the Autostrada. They may not accept your offshore credit cards! 


  • The same goes for gas station credit card terminals!  Best to gas up during normal business hours & avoid Sundays! (Or pre-purchase the “full tank guarantee”.)


  • The speed & reliability of Google Maps depends on your data plan.  ​

  • We recommend a portable GPS with European software. 


  • Keep your headlights on—even in the daytime!


  • Sorry folks, NO right on red!


  • Familiarize yourself with European road signs:  speed limits, ZTLs, etc. are commonly enforced by camera and fines are hefty! (Refer to BTC video.)


  • Highway rest stops, notably AUTOGRILL & CIAO, are a cut above.  Italians almost NEVER eat in the car. (Remember: dining is an art form!)

Never hurts to look at old-fashioned maps either!