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  • Italy is a mountainous peninsula about 1,600KM long from top to bottom – that is about 1,000 miles and a lot of shoreline. ​

  • The country is divided into 20 Regions and subdivided into 100 Provinces. 

  • The population is about 60 million.

  • Other than in German-speaking Alto Adige, Italian is the official language. This charming and expressive language also features multiple local dialects!

  • Interested in picking up Italian?  Consider enrolling in the Italian Cultural Society 16-hour weekend classes called “Immersion Course for Travelers.” See The Italian Cultural Society.

  • Most of the year Italy is 6 hours ahead of the Eastern Time Zone.  (Exceptions are the transitions to/from DST in March and October.)

  • The climate in Italy varies considerably. Northern Italy is generally cold in winter and hot & humid in summer. Southern Italy has mild winters and hot summers. The climate of central Italy is comparable to the DC area.