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  • Electricity in Italy is 220V and plug adapters have 2 slender round (“snakebite”) prongs.

  • Most electronics are rated “INPUT 100-240V/50-60Hz” and may be plugged in with a simple plug adapter widely available in travel shops.  A USB cable is useful for charging phones and cameras.

  • If your item has a motor (e.g. hair dryer) or is not rated “INPUT 100-240V 50-60Hz,” you will need a transformer or voltage converter.

  • Automobile charging ports are universal: your phone charger or Garmin will work in a rental car.

  • Always alert your US cellphone provider in advance that you will be traveling and ask about their international plans.

  • You can quickly burn through your data allowance, so go easy on the downloads! 

  • Texting is usually the most cost-effective mode of communication.

  • Use WiFi and WhatsApp whenever possible!